Best Customized Curtains Tailoring in Dubai

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If you have your fabric and looking for a tailor to stitch your curtains in Dubai, we are here to service you.
With the versatile range of ready-made curtains, we also provide a wide range of professional tailors who will help you and guide you to fulfill your curtains’ desired look.

We have an extremely experienced staff in our Dubai stores who are experts in their field

who will customize your curtains for you in a very affordable range.

We also provide you the flexibility to buy a plain fabric from our store in Dubai and get them stitched according to your needs. You can also replicate your existing design on the fabric you have purchased.

Our skillful team of salesmen and tailor will guide you in getting the most suitable fabric for curtains according to the place

and help you make the designs with can exactly match your needs.

In short, we provide quality services at extremely low and affordable prices.

All our services assist you right from the starch, i.e., choosing the most suitable fabric for your curtains to getting them done.

We can even give them a clean too. We love to make our customers happy by assisting them in our best possible ways. To fulfill their needs.

Our Service Alteration your Curtains Tailor

In case you already have curtains and want to shorten their length or alter them,

you are in the right place. Though it is a bit tricky to alter the size of already stitched curtains besides stitching

We also alter your curtains according to your needs.
We also provide alteration services for our customers in Dubai, along with stitching and your curtains lengths cutting off.
For our quality services, you can contact us through our website and visit our Dubai stores.

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Have you just moved into your new home in Dubai? Are you looking for Best Customized Curtains Stitching in Dubai ?

Blinds In Dubai is here to serve you with the best tailoring services at your doorstep. We are a group of qualified and experienced curtain professionals who take utmost care of their client’s requirement, whether it be Best Customized Curtains Stitching or replacement of broken pieces, we cater to all types of requests.

We also provide Best Customized Curtains Stitching  and offer tailor made curtains according to the measurements taken by our team members. For Best Customized Curtains Stitching , we work hand-in-hand with clients to ensure that they get the most out of us. Moreover, our Quality Curtain Manufacturing service has been tailored to best fit Best Customized Curtains Stitching ,

Thus providing maximum satisfaction to our customers Curtains Tailor

With our Best Customized hotel Curtains Stitching  service, we make sure that your curtains are well-fitted and look elegant from the outside. Also, our trained experts match colors and styles as per your requirement Best Customized Curtains Stitching .

We have a wide variety of fabric choices for you to choose from Best Customized Curtains tailor . Do visit us at Sew Curtain, Best Customized Curtains Stitching in Dubai  and get free quotes on all types of curtain services!

Curtains are not just made to keep the dust off. They are an important part of our home decor which enhances the look of a room or flat instantly. It is what helps us separate one space from another with style and elegance. And, when they become dirty, it darkens the whole room making it seem dull and gloomy.

Curtains are generally kept open throughout the day as per your convenience, leaving them open for more hours than

they should be is actually doing them no good during their life span.


This leaves curtains stained with dirt which sometimes might lead to larger problems like fungus growth on them if proper

care is not taken into consideration. Thus stains need to be removed quickly before they cause further damage to your curtains that will be difficult to remove.

Stain removal needs to be done carefully so that it does not damage the fabric. A wrong step can ruin your curtains for good. Always use professional help in stain removal of your curtains if they are delicate or expensive,

otherwise you can try them at home with some simple steps that I am going to share with you here today. Make sure

that before starting out on this process, you protect yourself by wearing gloves and using dust mask covering mouth

and nose during the entire cleaning process because most of the stains are chemically treated and very difficult to remove.

Curtains hanging inside a house will get dirty easily attracting all kinds of dirt like dust, mites, lint etc. These make out an

ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Thus it is best to clean curtains regularly with a good quality cleaning

agent that can kill germs and bacteria without harming the fabric.


Classic method – This method saves time if you have an industrial sized washing machine at home, In this process,

mix warm water in a tub with some standard detergent. Dip the curtains in it for about 15 minutes until they are fully soaked by soapy water.

Take them out from there and gently squeeze out excessive water from them but do not wring or twist as this will only

damage the material of your curtains making them look worn out. After squeezing all excess water, rinse them once more

in plain tap water, then soak up all excess moisture by hanging the curtains on a line outside or in the bathroom.

Now for stains and spots, take a cloth or a sponge and apply some stain remover that works well on tough stains like rust remover cream. Apply it to the stained portion and allow it to dry away from sunlight till it becomes powdery.

Then brush off the powder gently with your hand or use a soft bristled broom, do not try to scratch at hard stains as this

might cause permanent damage to your curtains. Repeat these steps again if you feel there is still presence of dirt or spot on your curtains after brushing them off.

Another effective method for removing difficult stains like rust and blood is squeezing out 2-3 lemons and adding their juice in plain water along with salt which helps to remove stain