11 crucial things you need to know about Blackout Curtains in Dubai

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Blackout curtains are a popular window treatment option in Dubai, especially if you Want to give your home a makeover that enhances its aesthetic appeal and offers practical benefits. 

However, these window coverings are more than just a stylish addition to your living space – they offer a range of benefits you may have yet to consider. 

So before you purchase, look at these 11 crucial things you need to know about blackout curtains.

What are Blackout Curtains?

Blackout curtains are a popular window treatment option in Dubai, especially for those who desire to create a dark and cozy atmosphere in their living space. They are designed to block out natural light and reduce noise. This makes them the best choice for people who work night shifts or have problems sleeping in bright surroundings.

In addition, blackout curtains are made from thick, tightly woven fabrics that provide privacy and insulate the room from external heat and cold, making them an energy-efficient choice.

Here are the 11 Crucial Things you need to Know:

Do blackout curtains in Dubai Worth it?

It’s really up to you if you think blackout curtains are worth the investment. There are many good reasons to go for it. For example, you may work nights and need to keep the room dark for restful sleep, or you want to block out the sun for a more comfortable living space. Whatever your motive, blackout curtains can be an effective solution.

Improved sleep: Blackout curtains can keep out light and noise, allowing you to sleep better, no matter the time of day or level of outside noise.

Increased privacy: If you’re living in a crowded area, blackout curtains can help maintain your privacy by blocking the view into your house.

Energy savings: Installing blackout curtains in your home can significantly reduce energy costs per year. During the warm summer months, blocking out the sun’s rays will help keep your home cooler, and during the colder winter months, the Tap in the bill will trap the heat, which can lead to lower energy bills.

Better TV and media viewing: If you’re looking for a better viewing experience, blackout curtains can help reduce screen glare and make the experience more enjoyable. Having the proper lighting in the room can go a long way toward making you’re viewing more comfortable.

Aesthetics: Adding blackout curtains to your home can be a great way to achieve a fashionable, elegant look for your interior design.

Considering the advantages of blackout curtains, whether they are worth the expense is up to your personal needs and preferences. However, if any of the above benefits apply to your situation, it may be worth investing in them.

What are the advantages of using blackout curtains for sleep?

Having blackout curtains for bedrooms can be beneficial in certain instances, as it can help you get a better night’s sleep by reducing the amount of light and noise. Here’s an overview of how this works:

Improved sleep patterns: A consistent and undisturbed sleep schedule can be challenging if external light or noise is an issue. Utilizing blackout curtains can minimize outside distractions, allowing for a more restful slumber.

Better sleep quality: Blackout curtains can help you get a better night’s sleep. Blocking out light and noise can lead to improved rest and a more invigorated feeling when you wake up.

Better sleep for shift workers: Blackout curtains can be an excellent investment for workers looking to promote better sleeping habits. These curtains can help you keep track of your sleeping and waking times, resulting in a more restful daytime slumber.

Although blackout curtains can help you get the sleep you need, they are not a good treatment for sleeping disorders or an acceptable replacement for good sleeping habits. 

If you’re having trouble sleeping, you should visit your doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment. But, if blackout curtains work for you, they are a great addition to enhance your sleep environment.

Which type of Blackout curtains are best?

When it comes to blackout curtains, there are several varieties to choose from that tend to different needs and preferences. However, some of the most popular reasons to sum up are:

Thermal blackout curtains: thermal blackout curtains are an energy-efficient option for anyone concerned with light, sound, or temperature control. Constructed with sturdy and insulated fabric, they can substantially save energy bills.

Blackout lining curtains: These blackout curtains are perfect for anyone who needs to sleep during the day or in a bright room. The special lining blocks out light, giving you the dark environment you need for a good rest.

You can choose the style and texture of the exterior of the curtains that best suits your interior design by crafting it from any fabric.

Blackout roller shades: If you’re looking for a discreet yet effective way to keep the light out, blackout roller shades are the perfect solution.

You can install blackout roller shades inside or outside your window frame. These shades are crafted from a thick, dense material that blocks out the most radiant rays. Hence, they are an ideal choice for a more minimalist aesthetic.

Blackout grommet curtains: These blackout curtains come with metal grommets for easy installation and flexibility in terms of positioning. They are available in multiple fabrics and color/pattern choices.

When selecting blackout curtains, it’s essential to consider the level of brightness that enters the room, the room’s purpose (e.g., bedroom, media room, etc.), and your taste preferences.

Moreover, consider how much soundproofing and insulation you need and the convenience of setting them up and caring for them.

How to blackout a room cheaply?

If you want to block out the light in a room without breaking the bank, there are some economical ways to go about it that you might want to think about:


      • Aluminum foil

      • Black trash bags

      • Heavy curtains or blankets

      • Window films

      • Cardboard boxes

    Remember that while these methods can help blackout a room on a budget. Professional blackout curtains or shades may be more effective. 

    At Blinds in Dubai, we provide Cheap Blackout Curtains so that they will stay within your budget to enjoy their fantastic benefits.

    Installing a set of cheap blackout curtains for the bedroom will benefit you in the long run.

    What are the disadvantages of blackout curtains?

    It’s worth mentioning that blackout curtains can be significant in many aspects, but it’s also necessary to consider any potential drawbacks.

    Cost: Blackout curtains can cost more than regular curtains, especially if you want higher quality, thermal-insulated, or noise-reducing models.

    Light deprivation: When it comes to light deprivation, blackout curtains are the best for blocking out natural light sources. However, they can also create an atmosphere that can be pretty uncomfortable for some people. This can disrupt one’s circadian rhythm. Hence, it makes it more difficult to fall asleep at night.

    Lack of natural light: If you need natural light to help keep your body clock running properly and lift your spirits, there may be better choices than blackout curtains.

    Difficulty opening and closing: The weight of some blackout curtains can make them hard to manage. This can be a hassle when you need to open or close them.

    Maintenance: When it comes to maintenance, blackout curtains may require more effort than regular curtains and may even need to be taken to a professional for cleaning.

    Privacy concerns: If you are worried about keeping your home private, there may be better choices than blackout curtains since they also obstruct the view from the outside.

    Before deciding on blackout curtains, it is crucial to consider all the pros and cons. Then, if you decide to go for them, select curtains constructed of premium materials. These curtains are easy to open and close, clean, and maintain.

    What are the side effects of blackout curtains?

    It’s important to understand that blackout curtains in Dubai can impact your health – though they are generally safe. Hence, make sure to be mindful of any potential side effects:

    Disruption of circadian rhythm: Covering your windows with blackout curtains can make keeping your body’s natural clock running correctly more challenging. This usually results in sleep problems.

    Light deprivation: If you’re accustomed to having plenty of natural light in your space, suddenly removing it with blackout curtains can lead to discouragement, melancholy, and an overall lack of enthusiasm.

    Heat buildup: If your blackout curtains are constructed with thick, insulating fabric, they can retain heat in your room. This results in discomfort and increased energy costs.

    Allergic reactions: Beware of allergies and asthma! If your blackout curtains are made of mold- and dust-mite-prone materials. They may induce an allergic reaction or exacerbate existing respiratory conditions.

    When deciding whether or not to use blackout curtains, it’s essential to consider the potential side effects. If you go ahead with this option, make sure you choose curtains that are of good quality, hypoallergenic, and easy to open and close to allow for some daylight.

    Do blackout curtains make the room hotter?

    Blackout curtains in Dubai can increase the temperature of a room, depending on certain conditions, such as:

    Fabric: If you have blackout curtains made with a substantial, insulating fabric, they could keep the room temperature warmer. That can be an issue if you reside in a hot area or the room gets a lot of direct sunlight.

    Window orientation: If your windows are exposed to the sun’s rays, blackout curtains can help keep the heat in the room and make it more comfortable.

    Room ventilation: If your room lacks proper ventilation, the Blackout curtains keep the heat in, making the atmosphere stuffier.

    If heat is a concern, you may opt for blackout curtains crafted from more breathable fabrics. This is mainly for rooms that receive a lot of direct sunlight. Remember that you can use fans and open your windows to help ensure optimal ventilation and temperature control in your space.

    Do blackout curtains block 100% of light?

    Various factors determine how much light the blackout curtains in Dubai can block out, though they are created to be as effective as possible in blocking out light. They will only be able to shut out all of it. Such as:

    Material: The quality and thickness of Blackout curtains in Dubai can affect how much light is blocked. Opting for a better quality and thicker fabric will likely provide better light blockage.

    Window gaps: No matter how much the curtains shield the room, light can still find its way through any gaps around the window frames.

    Room orientation: If your room gets a lot of sunshine or is situated near street lamps, having a completely dark environment can be challenging.

    Blackout curtains are a great option to reduce the light that filters into your room. However, it’s unlikely that they will completely obstruct all light from entering. Despite this, they are still instrumental in decreasing the amount of light and creating a more restful sleeping environment.

    Do Darker curtains save energy?

    Blackout curtains can help you save energy, as they can keep unwanted heat from entering your room and reduce the need to use artificial lighting.

    Reduced heat: If your blackout curtains are designed with adequate insulation, they can act as a barrier to keep the heat inside your room during the colder months, reducing the heat you need to generate. On the flip side, in warmer weather, these curtains can block out the sun’s rays, limiting the amount of air conditioning required.

    Reduced artificial light: If your blackout curtains do their job, you may only need to rely less on artificial light in the room. This can help you be more energy efficient and reduce utility costs.

    It’s essential to remember that the electricity saved through blackout curtains will depend on various components, such as the specific conditions of your space, the quality of the curtains, and the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems.

    Suppose you’re looking to cut down on your electricity bills. In that case, there are multiple techniques you can use. These include using energy-saving lightbulbs, setting up a programmable thermostat to regulate temperatures, and implementing fans to circulate air in your residence.

    Why does your Blackout Curtains Dubai have a bad smell?

    At times, blackout curtains may emit a bad smell due to multiple factors, such as:

    Manufacturing processes: The production process for some curtain makers can result in an off-putting smell. This is due to the utilization of certain chemicals and adhesives.

    Storage conditions: If the curtains have been put away in a damp or moldy area, they may develop an unpleasant odor.

    Exposure to smoke or pets: If curtains have been smoky or pet-filled. Hence they are likely to have a bad smell. This makes it difficult to remove.

    Dirt and debris: Neglected curtain maintenance can lead to the buildup of unsavory elements such as dirt, dust, and debris, creating an unpleasant aroma.

    Moisture: Humidity can create an unpleasant odor in curtains. This may occur if you keep the curtains damp or exposed to moisture during transport or installation. It’s vital to keep curtains dry to avoid any musty smells.

    Can I wash my blackout curtains in Dubai?

    Yes, you can wash your blackout curtains. First, however, you should follow the instructions that came with them. This ensures the curtains won’t shrink, fade, or suffer any other damage. Here are some tips to help you when washing your blackout curtains:

    Check the care label: If you’ve got blackout curtains in Dubai, throwing them in the washing machine is usually alright. However, make sure you keep to the included care instructions.

    Here are some tips for washing your Blackout curtains. These tips can ensure that your curtains Won’t shrink, fade, or get ruined.

    How to clean: look at the care label to determine how to clean Blackout curtains. For example, some blackout curtains require dry cleaning, while you can wash other Curtains with a machine.

    Use a gentle cycle: If you’re machine-washing your blackout curtains, select a gentle cycle and a mild detergent. Hot water and strong cleaners could cause the fabric to become smaller or the color to fade.

    Air dry: After washing your curtains, hang them up to air dry. Putting them in a dryer could cause them to shrink or become damaged, so avoid that.

    Iron with care: To press your curtains, use a low-temperature setting and place a piece of fabric between the hot iron and the curtains to guard them against harm.

    Do you need more clarification about washing your blackout curtains? Look at the care label or ask a professional cleaner for advice. Furthermore, if your curtains are costly or fragile, clean them professionally to ensure they aren’t damaged.

    Where to buy Blackout curtains in Dubai?

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