Do Custom Window Treatments Increase the Value of the House?

Custom Window Treatments

Are Custom Window Treatments in Dubai essential to ensure your house is well-presented before selling? For example, wearing inappropriate clothing at a black tie event is unacceptable, and neither is trying to sell a home in top condition. Please make the necessary improvements, and then you can confidently list it for sale.

If you talk to 10 different Realtors®, you’ll probably get ten different opinions on what renovations add the most value to a house. But, in the end, most pros agree that the key to a successful sale is ensuring you’ve got good lighting.

No matter what type of Custom Blackout Curtains or Blinds you’ve got – Installing shutters, Roller blindsRoman blinds, or Blackout blinds – Blinds in Dubai’s custom Curtains or Blinds will keep out the light and also bring a decorative touch to your space.

How much value do Custom Window Treatments Add to a House?

No exact formula exists to determine how much value plantation shutters or custom Curtains, or Blinds add to a home, but it’s clear they make it worth a lot more. Installing shutters bumps up the value of a home to potential buyers. Therefore, we ensure to include them in the MLS listing and mention them in the advertising for the house.

Are you trying to sell your house more quickly? Then, investing in Custom Curtains or Blinds, like Installing shutters, woven shades, cellular shades, and blinds, can make all the difference! Not only do they add value, but they’ll help your house to stand out from the competition.

 It’s a good idea to keep this in mind when there are a lot of houses on the market or if you live in a complex where you’re up against other similar properties nearby. Why bother? It’s essential to make sure your house stands out!

Sherry sums it up: “People are being extra picky these days and want it all done for them. Plus, we know they already like the look of nice window treatments in the home.”

Custom Curtains and Blinds will make your home stand out, making it more appealing to buyers and helping it sell faster.

Why do Custom Window Treatments Increase Home Value?

Custom Finishes like window treatments, appliances, fixtures, and landscaping can make your house stand out from the crowd of cookie-cutter homes. But remember, the best finishes don’t just look great – they also offer extra functionality! Custom Curtains and Blinds do just that!

You probably already know how excellent Custom Curtains and Blinds look, but did you know they can make your home more energy efficient too? Yeah, it’s true. Almost a third of a home’s heating energy is lost through windows, and during the cooling season, up to 76% of the sunlight that hits standard double-pane windows turns into heat.


Custom Curtains and Blinds that can be opened and closed are convenient for homeowners. That way, you can adjust to whatever weather or season. According to, most people don’t even move their window coverings around – 75% stay the same daily.

In the winter, take advantage of the sun’s rays and open your blinds to warm your home. Come summertime, lower your shades and close your shutters so your AC doesn’t have to work so hard. Strategize your window coverings for the best results!

Buyer Beware – Design matters:

When it comes to Window Treatments in Dubai, the options are limitless. From Installing shutters to Roman blinds to faux wood blinds or real wood blinds, you can customize your window treatments with any color or fabric you like. But stay calm – use caution!

If you plan on selling your home, you’ll want a Custom Curtains and Blinds design that looks great and appeals to most buyers. But even if you’re not selling, you should still love the look of your windows – after all, you’re the one who will be living with them!

No need to compromise on style! Get the best out of your Custom Window Treatments in Dubai by installing Shutters. They bring character to any space, have tons of customizable options, and you’ll see the value in your investment.

No need to worry about finding a matching color – our locally-produced plantation shutters can customize coloring at no extra cost!

Adding Value with Custom Window Treatments:

 If you’re looking for Custom Curtains and Blinds in Dubai to add value to your house, installing shutters is a great choice! With various sizes, hardware, and construction options, like double-hung or café shutters, you’ll be sure to find the perfect one.

Are the aluminum blinds or the vertical ones still in your house? Getting new window coverings might be worthwhile – they can make a more modern room! Plantation shutters can give a natural luxury feel and be a great selling point if you want to move.

It’s tough to say what’s beautiful and what has value, but when it comes to financing a real estate deal, the appraiser’s the one who decides what’s worth something and what isn’t. For example, someone may love Installing shutters, but they may still need to help you financially.

Candy Watts is an appraiser who’s seen it all – with 12+ years in the business and over 9K appraisals under her belt, and she’s got oodles of experience with Custom window treatments in Dubai. So get her to take on them, and you’ll be golden.

“If you’re gonna invest money in custom Window treatments, I’d recommend installing shutters – they’re more classic than blinds, but they’ll give you the most bang for your buck.”

The Bottom-Line

The more you increase your home’s value, the less time it takes to sell, and make it more energy efficient. Investing in Custom Window Treatments Dubai from a window specialist like Blinds in Dubai is affordable!